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Xylophonics: My First Orffestra

Age Range:
Jennifer Griffin Gaul

Xylophonics: My First Orffestra (4 – 7 yrs) is a music performance group. What does that mean? Jompers are now ready to be musicians and performers. Using a variety of percussion and pitched Orff instruments (tone bar instruments) as well as ukulele, recorder, and keyboard, the group forms their very first ensemble under the guidance of the instructor. Children learn how to musically work together, take responsibility for their own part, listen to one another, and create. They also learn to improvise (make up melodies), create sound stories, and more. The class reinforces all of the music skills including basic note and rhythm reading needed for future success in instrumental lessons and ensembles.


Thursdays 3:45 - 4:30pm

15-week Spring session

First class on February 29, 2024

Saturdays 11 - 11:45am

15-week Spring session

First class on March 2, 2024

Tuition (per child): $375

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Classes for Children

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