Tuition & Policies

Tuition and Payment Information

Private Lesson Tuition: Lesson tuition is charged for the full 34-week academic year starting in September and ending in June. However, JOMP accepts students at ANY POINT in the year on a space-available basis, and monthly tuition is prorated from the lesson start date through June.

Lesson Rates for the 34-week academic year (beginning September 2023, and ending June 2024):

30 minutes - $1,462

45 minutes - $2,074

60 minutes - $2,618

Prorated Tuition rates: We accept tuition in full or monthly payments calculated from the student's start date through June. Prorated lessons through June are calculated at the following rates:

30 minutes - $43 per lesson

45 minutes - $61 per lesson

60 minutes - $77 per lesson

One-time Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee of $35 per student is charged for the academic year regardless of start date. The registration fee for a second family member is $25. No fee is charged for additional family members registering.

Class and Ensemble Tuition: Please refer to the class and ensemble descriptions for tuition rates and schedules as they vary. Late starts for ensembles will be prorated. Please note that we are unable to prorate late starts for classes and tuition must be paid in full before registration is officially accepted for classes.

Automatic Payments: Whenever possible, JOMP requests that students set up automatic payment plans for monthly tuition payments. Automatic payments will be taken out on the 1st day of each month. If students do not choose the automatic payment option, payment (credit card, check, or cash) is due in the office by the 1st of each month unless alternate payment dates are agreed upon in advance. Failure to keep up with monthly payments may result in a suspension of lessons unless payment arrangements are made in advance with the office.

Withdrawal Policy: For students needing to withdraw from lessons for any reason, JOMP requires four weeks' notice given to the office. Students are encouraged to use these four weeks but if the student chooses not to attend lessons, those four weeks will not be refunded. There are no refunds offered for classes or ensembles once they have begun.

Tuition Assistance: JOMP is dedicated to eliminating barriers to excellent music education. Please visit our tuition assistance page for more information, and do not hesitate to call our staff if you have any questions or circumstances you would like to bring to our attention. All information is confidential and will be treated with respect.

General Policies

Student Absences (Lessons): Please notify the office as soon as possible regarding a lesson absence. Students receive one (1) excused absence per academic year for private lessons only. This means that the student can receive a make-up lesson during regularly scheduled makeup weeks at the end of the academic year or at a mutually agreed time with the faculty member. Zoom lessons may also be offered as an alternative.

Student Absences (Classes and Ensembles): No makeup classes can be offered for student absences from classes or ensembles.

Requests to Reschedule: Once a student is placed in the lesson schedule, that time is reserved. Should a different lesson time be needed on a one-time or short-term basis, JOMP cannot guarantee that a new day/time will be available although we will make our best effort to accommodate timely requests. If a student cannot attend lessons for a short period of time due to schedule conflicts, the office must be notified in advance. Please note that the students' lesson time will only be held if tuition payments are received as usual.

Teacher Absences: If a teacher is absent, students will be offered makeup lessons during the makeup weeks at the end of the academic year or at a mutually agreed time. Teachers may offer Zoom lessons as a makeup alternative although students have the right to request only in-person makeup lessons. If the teacher is unable to make up the lesson, then the cost of the lesson will be credited back to the student.

Makeup Policy: The academic year lesson calendar includes up to three (3) weeks of makeup lessons in June as an extension of the year. Students owed makeup lessons due to teacher absence or the one (1) excused student absence will be offered lessons during this makeup period if the lesson was not already made up at a mutually agreed upon time. If a student cancels or misses a make-up lesson that has been scheduled and confirmed by the teacher and student, the lesson will not be rescheduled or credited. The teacher is paid.

Substitute Teacher: JOMP faculty are professional musicians and may occasionally need to miss lessons for performances. In this case, students may be offered a qualified substitute teacher in lieu of a lesson with their primary teacher. Students have the right of refusal for a substitute teacher and will then receive makeup lessons from their teacher.

Inclement Weather:  JOMP closures due to inclement weather will be communicated in the following ways:

  • Banner on JOMP’s website (
  • Posting on JOMP’s official Facebook page
  • Posting on JOMP’s official Instagram account
  • Email to our student contact list (please make sure your information is always up to date with the office)

JOMP does not always follow public school closures if it is deemed safe to travel by the afternoon of the weather event. Weather closure decisions will usually be made by 1pm on the day of a storm if it hits early.

If lessons are canceled due to weather, JOMP will offer one (1) make-up for such closures. Subsequent closures will not be eligible for make-up lessons. 

Getting the Most from Lessons

Music lessons are unique in many ways. It is a partnership between the student (if adult), student and family members (if youth), teacher, and JOMP staff. JOMP is dedicated to ensuring that each student receives the support they need to thrive musically. Consistency is important as is a commitment to giving appropriate time and energy to practicing what is learned. Progress in music takes time as skills build and musical understanding grows through application. 

Here are a few important factors for success:

Promptness: Arriving at least a few minutes before the scheduled lesson time allows the teacher and student to make the best use of the full lesson time. Our waiting room is designed to be welcoming and comfortable, so early arrival offers a time to relax and prepare. 

Consistency: Music lessons are a commitment and we want everyone to get the most out of their lesson tuition. Students’ progress is best with limited interruptions to their weekly lesson schedule. 

Relationships: The teacher/student relationship is the key to unlocking music potential. JOMP teachers balance high standards for students with understanding. If a student is struggling with practice, focus, motivation, comprehension, or anything else that might be a barrier to success, teachers want to know and help. 

Motivation: Every individual who studies music knows that sometimes, despite everything, motivation can lag. That’s okay. JOMP strives to offer an array of ways to keep students moving forward. Lots of opportunities to receive feedback through formal and informal performances/workshops are offered nearly every month. Ensembles (classical, jazz, rock, chorus and more) are a wonderful goal for emerging musicians of any age, and we encourage participation when ready.  Classes can offer a more social angle by learning in a small group of age and level appropriate individuals. Special events, recitals, faculty performances and more can refresh student motivation and provide some insight into what’s musically possible. 

Challenges to Success: Sometimes things can hit a snag. Again, that’s okay. We are here to help. If a student is experiencing any concerns that need some extra attention beyond a conversation with their teacher, JOMP’s program staff is available to help. We welcome an opportunity to listen, reflect, and if needed, make changes for the benefit of the student. 

Reaching out: Sometimes JOMP staff will reach out to a student or, in the case of our younger students, caregivers to check in. We do this when we become aware of special challenges related to absences or other areas that might be interfering with student success, or to facilitate communication between teacher and student/parent. Our goal is to help by acting as a support system for students, families, and faculty.

Permissions and Partnership

JOMP is a dynamic community that showcases our students, ensembles, and programs on a variety of platforms. Our goal is always to highlight the positive difference music makes in our community as well as keep everyone informed. Please read the following and contact the office with any questions or concerns.

Photo and Video: Submitting a registration form and selecting “Agree” to all policies gives JOMP permission for photos and videos to be taken of you/your child, to be used in promotional or descriptive material produced by or for the Joy of Music Program. If you would like to be placed on a DO NOT PHOTO list, please contact the office. 

Mailing List: The best way to stay up to date with JOMP is following us on social media and staying subscribed to our email newsletter and notifications. We promise not to spam you or sell your information. Submitting a registration form and selecting “Agree” to all policies gives JOMP permission to send you our monthly newsletter, event updates, weather notices, etc. You may unsubscribe at any time, but we encourage you to stay connected to us and our community!

You and JOMP – A partnership

Joy of Music is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making music accessible to the community of Worcester and beyond. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to support JOMP’s mission in tangible ways such as:

Become a Donor: Donations in any amount are welcomed to support JOMP’s tuition assistance fund and programs.

Corporate Giving: If you work for a corporation that has an Employee Matching program, your donation will go even further. 

JOMPATHON: All students are invited to participate in JOMPATHON, a student-driven fundraiser that takes place in February. This is a fun, performance-based event during which students raise funds through individual sponsorship of their own performance. The event has grown over time and typically raises about $30,000 for JOMP’s tuition assistance fund. 

If you’d like more information on how to support JOMP’s mission, please contact the office.