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Our story

It all began with a sunflower.

Walk up JOMP's path in the summer and you'll be welcomed by an abundance of sunflowers. They weren't always there. JOMP's founder Wendy Webster Ardizzone discovered a stray seed germinating near the door of JOMP shortly after moving to their new space on 1 Gorham Street. She protected and nurtured that little plant until it grew strong, tall, and eventually was joined by others. The same is true of her care for JOMP, which she founded in 1986, and the thousands of students of all ages that have made JOMP their musical home.

Wendy's vision was to create a musical community reflective of the rich diversity of the greater Worcester area. Today, with its core of outstanding faculty of more than 40 musician educators, JOMP draws students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and donors together in a joyful community united by high quality music education and performance. Access informs all of JOMP’s programming. With a beautiful facility (a former nursing home) that houses the Shapiro Concert Hall as well as 22 fully equipped music teaching studios, JOMP has created a fully accessible music space for all.

Additionally, JOMP believes everyone deserves access to a quality music education. Financial Aid for any person with demonstrated need has been, is, and always will be at the heart of JOMP’s mission. JOMP on in. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Our mission

JOMP is about Community

Creating community through joyful music learning and performance. What does this mean?

To those of us at JOMP, it captures our belief that providing a space, experienced faculty, and resources that invite the community in to meet, learn, create, play, sing, and perform together strengthens us all.

Music is a unique form of expression. When you enter through the doors of JOMP, you are entering a safe and inclusive space. What unites our community is the desire to connect through music. And connecting through music can take many different forms, each equally important. It can be the new beginner of any age, taking the first steps in learning to create with sound. It can be the advancing musician, building towards musical expression with fewer limits. It can be the returning music learner, ready to reconnect with music just for the joy of learning and playing.

No matter who you are, learning music is a personal journey with the goal of finding joy in expression. And everything we do every day at JOMP promotes our mission and vision of an inclusive and sustainable music community open and welcome to all.

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Be a Part of JOMP's Community

To be an inclusive music community, we at JOMP know we must actively and continuously work to eliminate barriers. On every level, there is a place for you at JOMP.

• Free music programs through partnership with agencies such as Worcester Housing Authority, Boys & Girls Club, public and charter schools, and more

• Free community music events at JOMP

• Low-cost group music and instrument classes

• Financial Aid for individuals and families with financial need

• Support JOMP as a volunteer

• Invest in JOMP’s future sustainability as a donor or potential member of our Board of Directors

Meet our Faculty

Our music school is a collaborative team of experienced and passionate professionals who are dedicated to helping students achieve their musical goals.

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Our board

Board of Directors

Margaret Freije, President

Jack Giarusso, Vice President

Justin Duffy, Vice President

Tarik Buxton, Treasurer

Erika Wade, Clerk

Mary Ellen Beaton

Penelope Dillon

Ericka Fisher

David Gerbereux

Sharon Mahoney

Lina Nguyen

Daniel Pacek

Kathleen Roche-Goggins

Luke Rosseel

Harun Thimmiah M.D.