Bronwyn Pappas-Byers

Cello; JOMP Start Assistant

Bronwyn Pappas-Byers has been playing music from the age of 4, when they started piano with their mom as their first teacher. Intending to make the switch to upright bass, Bronwyn started playing cello at age 8. In middle grades and high school, Bronwyn participated in a variety of programs such as the Rivers School Conservatory Youth Orchestras, various district and school ensembles, and the Berklee 5 Week program. Bronwyn began teaching and freelancing on both cello and bass in high school. They also wrote arrangements of pop and jazz tunes not typically performed on cello or bass. Bronwyn went to Vassar College, where they participated in a number of different ensembles and student groups ranging from chamber music and orchestra to traditional folk styles. They studied with Sophie Shao and Yves Dharamraj, focusing on a range of different genres including tango, jazz, and classical. Since college graduation in 2021, they have continued their studies on cello with Ariana Falk of the Worcester Chamber Music Society, and as a member of the Joy of Music String Quartet coached by Aaron Packard.

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