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Chamber Music

Age Range:
10 to Adult

Playing chamber music is not only deeply satisfying musically, it instills the value of being well prepared, so you can contribute fully as a strong member of a musical team. Participation in chamber music also develops listening skills to a very high level, because the give and take between parts requires each player to hear the totality of the music beyond their own part.  Our chamber music program is open to intermediate and advanced students who are ready for the challenge of playing one on a part and are eager to explore the rich chamber music repertoire.

Teacher recommendation for new students is required.  Students not taking private lessons at JOMP are welcome but need to schedule a placement audition. Please call or email Caroline Reiner-Williams at 508-856-9541 or caroline@jomp.org to arrange an audition.

Class size limit is 3 to 5 students   Chamber music will be scheduled at the convenience of the Faculty Coach and participants.

JOMP private lesson students who play in JYO or Sinfonietta receive a 50% discount on Chamber Music.  


Trios & Quartets ~ 1 hour

Tuition: $700 ~ Quartets; $830 ~ Trios

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