Nan Gibbons

Dulcimer; Sing, Circle, Boom!, Music lessons for people who are neurodiverse

Nan AK Gibbons specializes in music lessons for people who are neurodiverse and teaches several of JOMP’s outreach programs. She has a Master of Education degree in Music from Lesley University with a concentration in music for psycho-social development. She is continuing her graduate education in music and neurodiversity at Berklee College of Music.

Nan received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (composition) and Art (fiber arts) and has a Master of Arts degree in the Arts and Theology from the Andover Newton Theological School with an emphasis on the intersection between arts and pastoral care. She achieved all three levels of Henry Leak's Creating Artistry choral directing program at Butler University (IN) and is also a Remo Health Rhythms trained Drum Circle Facilitator.

Nan was vocal coach and choral assistant for the Hudson Area Arts Alliance from 2000-2008. She spent twelve years working for the New York Metropolitan Opera Guild through Urban Voices in urban elementary and high schools. She currently directs three community choirs and teaches music and arts at several Worcester County schools and churches.  Nan joined the Joy of Music faculty in 2003.

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