November 26, 2022

Solo Recitals

Solo Recitals


Everything you need to know about scheduling, advertising, preparation, and more. The sign-up form is linked at the bottom of this article.

1.  Audience and publicity:  The student’s family should take responsibility for letting friends and family of the student know the date and time of the recital.  You should also use your social media platforms to keep your friends updated on the upcoming recital and the pieces you will be playing, etc. 

Joy of Music will design a flyer announcing the solo recital to be displayed around the school, along with digital media to be shared on JOMP’s social media, e-newsletter, and the lobby screen. Postcards can be provided upon request, to be picked up from us to hand and mail out yourselves. 

2.      Accompanist: It is important to talk to your potential accompanist BEFORE you put his or her name on the form.  The date will partially determine whether or not that person can add your concert to their schedule. 

Accompanists must be paid and as a general rule, you can expect an hourly fee of at least $60.  However, accompanists set their own rates so this is something you should ask about right at the beginning.

As a general rule of thumb, student accompanists are NOT a good idea.  They do not have the accompanying experience to adapt in the moment as unforeseen things happen (or don’t happen). 

3.      Reception:  Families may choose to plan a reception for after the concert, though it is not required.  Cheese and crackers, maybe some fruit or cookies and juice or a favorite punch.  People tend to eat a little – families who bring a lot of food often end up with leftovers. 

You should ask a family member or friend to set the refreshments up quietly during the last piece of the concert so the table is ready when the concert is over. 

The student should come out to the lobby immediately after the concert.  If you stay in the back of the hall or in your green room, audience members who have to leave will start coming down to see you and you will get stuck there as more people come looking for you. 

4.      Flowers:  Sometimes performers want to give flowers to their teachers or accompanists or family members want to give flowers to the performers.  You can do this right after the applause for your final piece or wait until after the concert.  Either way is OK.  Again, you are NOT required to provide flowers. 

5.      Practice Time:  You may schedule a rehearsal with your teacher in the Concert Hall, but it needs to be scheduled well in advance.  The hall has many uses and is not always free. Please email with any scheduling requests. 

6.      Preparation: A junior or senior recital is a BIG commitment and requires careful planning and tons of practice.  Be strategic about trips and other commitments (like midterm or final exams) when planning your concert date. Once the date is set, be careful to leave yourself plenty of practice time.  For more tips on performance preparation, please see our website article The Calm Before the Perform.

8.      Recording: JOMP has consulting recording engineers available who can make an audio and/or video recording of your recital.  You will have to pay them directly.  Costs vary depending on whether you also want video with one or two cameras. Any use of JOMP’s equipment requires the hiring of JOMP’s recording engineer. You may also arrange to record the concert yourself with your own or a friend’s audio or video equipment. Contact for more information.  

In order to sign up for a junior or senior recital at Joy of Music, please fill out and submit this form: Junior/Senior Recital Commitment Form