November 29, 2023


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33rd Annual JOMPATHON

Saturday, February 10, 2024

8:00am - 8:00pm

Shapiro Concert Hall

This is your time to not only shine but to make an important difference! Jompathon is a performance marathon and a student-driven fundraiser. Students use their performance to raise money for JOMP’s Tuition Assistance Fund. 100% of the funds raised through Jompathon go directly to support any students with financial need. This year, JOMP has awarded $165,000 in tuition assistance and this helps us support those awards.


  • It’s important!
  • It makes a real difference in the lives of those receiving tuition assistance and ensures that the JOMP community remains open and supportive to all.
  • It’s a celebration of YOU, your musical accomplishments, and your willingness to give back to the community.


1) SIGN UP TO PERFORM - either you or your parent can sign up on your behalf

  • Talk to your JOMP teacher. They will help you choose, prepare, and time your piece(s) so that you have a great performing experience. Most faculty will be there during Jompathon to help during certain time periods (teacher availability is noted on the signup form).
  • Sign up online via SignUp Genius. Enter name or names of student(s) performing and blocks of time available to perform. We will match your time to your teacher’s available time if at all possible.
  • We will schedule your performance within the time you are available. Although we ask for the broadest availability (3-hour time blocks), don’t worry as students will be scheduled into 1-hour performance time slots within that availability window. Your total time commitment will be approximately 1.5 hours, with time to get unpacked, tuned (if needed), and warmed up.

2) FUNDRAISE - Find friends, family, or others willing to sponsor your performance 

  • Let everyone know that you’re performing for a good cause. Ask if they would be willing to sponsor you, and let them know that no amount is too small or too big. You could say, for example: “Would you be willing to give $5 to support my performance?”
  • Set up your digital fundraising site through our Givebutter Jompathon 2024 website. This is a safe, easy way to collect donations. You just click the blue "Fundraise" button and become a team member. This creates your own shareable fundraising page.
  • Share your Givebutter page with friends, family members, and colleagues. Any donation amount is appreciated! Pledges have ranged from 25 cents to $250. Small change donated by children comes to over $100 each year!
  • Don’t want to set up Givebutter? That’s okay, because you can also collect pledges the old-fashioned way. Collect the money from your sponsors (cash or check) and give it to the office any time before February 10 or at Jompathon. Just make sure the office knows these are YOUR pledges so we can give you credit for your fundraising.
  • Someone gave you money after Jompathon? No problem! You can give it to the office at any time and you’ll still receive credit for raising the funds.


  • Give yourself lots of time. Your teacher will help you. If you’d like some tips on recital preparation, read our article here.
  • Sign up for a workshop in Shapiro Hall on February 3 at 2:00pm. The workshop is a relaxed opportunity to try your piece out in front of lots of friendly faces. It will also give you the chance to get used to performing in the hall.

4) Want to participate but don’t feel ready to perform?

  • That’s okay! You can still get involved with the fun(draiser). Attend Jompathon to support the performers. Donate what you can (every little bit helps). Spread the word about the event by sharing on social media and telling your friends and family about it.


Let’s make things interesting!

We appreciate everything you’re doing for Jompathon, so we have some prizes if you hit certain fundraising goals! Every participating student is strongly encouraged to raise a token amount of $5, but here are some good reasons to go above and beyond:  

  • Raise $150 and you receive a JOMP Sweatshirt
  • Raise $100 and you receive a JOMP T-shirt
  • Raise $75 and your receive a JOMP tote bag


We know how busy everyone is and we appreciate you supporting your child and JOMP during this important fundraiser. Here are a few pointers to help:

1) When you give your child’s availability in the 3-hour time block requests, just remember that you will not need to attend all 3 hours listed in your availability.

  • Your child will receive a performance time (for example 10 - 11am)
  • We request that families be audience members for the full hour to show support to ALL the performers.
  • We will contact you the week before Jompathon with your arrival time and performance hour.

2) Support your child’s fundraising

  • Please help your child think of friends, relatives, and neighbors (not JOMP teachers) they can ask to sponsor their performance, and share the link to our Givebutter campaign. 
  • Consider sharing the event with work colleagues and on social media.
  • For tips and tricks on becoming a team member/setting up a personalized fundraising page, please click here.

3) Invite friends and family and all of the donors who have sponsored your student(s) to the performance! 

4) If you’ll be unavailable on February 10 and would like to participate another way, let your child’s JOMP teacher know. This year, we will have ensemble performances on Monday (2/5), Tuesday (2/6), and Wednesday (2/7) so it’s possible your child could perform on one of those evenings if available. 


Thank you for all of your hard work in supporting your young artists and for cheering them on as well as participating in this important fundraiser! 

Please email or call the office if you have any questions or concerns, especially if you are new to the school or if this is your first Jompathon.