Chamber Music ~ Summer

10 to 18

Each Chamber Music Group will meet on Zoom to rehearse and get coachings on individual parts, masterclass style, with the goal of recording a short complete movement via the Acapella app for iPhone and iPad by the end of the session. The final class will be a time to come together on zoom and watch the collaborative video with family and friends. Class time on Zoom will include listening to professional recordings as well as listening to student’s assigned recordings to improve on rhythm, dynamics, etc. Requirements for students in this class include: access to a laptop for Zoom meetings (for best sound quality), an Apple mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad, the free version of the Acapella app, and wired earbuds or headphones for recording.  Students will learn how to record using Acapella and will have a powerful practice and performance tool to use at home by themselves or in collaboration with friends. 

Class size limit 3 or 4 students
Students will be placed in groups by teacher recommendation and/or live zoom audition. 
  • Trios & Quartets
    Tuition: $180

    Groups will be formed based on playing level and days and times assigned according to the availability of members in the group.  Tuesdays are preferred. 

    6 weeks starting July 7 to August 11