Private Lessons ~ Summer

Private lessons this summer are available online from June 2 through August 21. 

Students may enroll for a specific number of private lessons during our summer session based on their family’s and their teacher’s vacation schedules. In return for this flexibility, and in fairness to our faculty, there are no make-ups or refunds for student absences or cancellations once a schedule has been agreed upon; only teacher absences are made-up, refunded or credited in the summer. There are no refunds given if a student withdraws for any reason. Payment is due in advance unless arrangements for smaller payments are made with the Director.

Most teachers and students are using Zoom.  FaceTime and Skype are also possible.

Tuition rates: 3/4 hour - $53; 1 hour - $69;
1/2 hour - $38 for young beginners and special circumstances