Tuition & Policies


PRIVATE LESSONS:  Students may enroll for a specific number of private lessons during our 7-week session based on their family’s and their teacher’s vacation schedules.  In return for this flexibility, and in fairness to our faculty, there are no make-ups or refunds for student absences or cancellations once a schedule has been agreed upon; only teacher absences are made-up, refunded or credited in the summer.  There are no refunds given if a student withdraws for any reason.  Payment is due in advance unless arrangements for smaller payments are made with the Director.

CLASSES AND ENSEMBLES: Tuition for ensembles and classes is based on an enrollment of at least 4 students, unless otherwise stated.  Classes and ensembles may run with three students for an additional $60 (45 minutes) or $66 (1 hour) per student.  If only two students enroll, and the director and teacher feel they are a good match, each student will pay half the cost of a private lesson, with the parents’ agreement.  We reserve the right to cancel any class or ensemble that is under enrolled; payment will be fully refunded.  If a student withdraws from a class or an ensemble,  no refund will be given.  Payment is due in advance unless arrangements for making smaller payments are made with the Director.

Financial Aid is available on the basis of need.  To request an application, please check the appropriate line on the registration form or call the school at 508-856-9541.

The Joy of Music Program, Inc. does not discriminate in its enrollment and programs or in staff, faculty and board membership on the basis of race, color, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin or disability.


REGISTRATION FEE: A non-refundable registration fee of $35 will be charged per student; $25 for a second family member and $10 for a third. No fee is charged for additional family members. Please include registration fee(s) in your first payment.

FINANCIAL AID is available based on need. Please check the appropriate box on the registration form or call us at 508-856-9541 to receive a financial aid application.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Students taking private instrumental lessons enroll for the entire academic year of 34 weeks (September 8 - June 3). New students may enroll at any time during the year on a space-available basis. Tuition will be prorated.

*Withdrawal Policy: Four weeks’ written notice is required if a student withdraws for any reason. Starting one week after the date of notice, the next four lessons must be paid for whether taken or not. Withdrawal on or after March 1, 2019 will require payment for the remainder of the academic year. Students who withdraw at any time will forfeit credits for excused absences and snow day make-ups and will only receive credit for teacher absences.

*Private Lesson Tuition Payment Options: Please select one of the four options listed below. If possible, we prefer full payment in advance (Option 1). To make it easier for as many families as possible to pay the full tuition, we offer three additional payment options. Most schools charge a fee for making smaller payments. In return for not charging a fee, we ask you to please help keep our billing costs down by saving the schedule below as a reminder. We reserve the right to discontinue lessons if payments are not made in a timely manner. Please let us know if your circumstances change and you are having difficulty keeping up with your payments.
     Option 1: One payment for the academic year (34 lessons) ~ due by first lesson:
                      3/4 hour lessons: $1,734 ($51/lesson) 1 hour lessons: $2,278 ($67/lesson)
     Option 2: Two payments per year (17 lessons each half) ~ due 9/1/18 and 1/2/19
                      3/4 hour lessons: $867 (x2) 1 hour lessons: $1,139 (x2)
     Option 3: Four payments per year ~ due 9/1/18; 11/1/18; 1/2/19 & 3/1/19
                      3/4 hour lessons: $433.50 (x4) 1 hour lessons: $569.50 (x4)
     Option 4: Full amount divided by ten monthly payments - September through June:
                      Payment Due:                 3/4 hour                              1 hour
                      Sept. 1                          $173 + registration fee      $228 + registration fee
                      Oct. 1 thru May 1          $173 per month                $228 per month
                      June 1(final payment)   $177 (minus credits)         $226 (minus credits)

1/2-hour lessons (34 lessons):
     Option 1: $1,224 ($36/lesson)             Option 3: $306 (x4)
     Option 2: $612 (x2 payments)             Option 4: $122 (x9; June $126- credits)
Half-hour lessons are only recommended for beginners and in special circumstances.

Mon. (33 weeks); Sat. (32 weeks): Please check with the office in May for your final June payment amount.

A $5.00 per month late fee will be charged to your account for tuition payments that are 30 days past due. Late charges can be avoided by making deferred payment arrangements in advance with the office. There is a $20 charge for returned checks.

*Student Absences: All lessons must be paid for whether taken or missed. Each student is entitled to one excused absence per academic year. If a student chooses to attend a school, athletic or social event as their one excused absence, no other absence will be excused, including illness and family vacations. For a student to be officially excused and eligible for a make-up or credit, the cancellation must be reported directly to the office (or on JOMP’s voice mail) by noon on the day of the lesson for lessons occurring 3:00 p.m. or later and by 9:00 am for lessons scheduled before 3:00 p.m. Informing only the teacher is not sufficient notification. Always call the office if a private lesson will be missed, as a courtesy to the teacher, and to give the staff a chance to close the gap in the teacher’s schedule by moving another student into that time slot, if possible. If a student hasn’t practiced, it is very important that they come anyway, so their teacher can help them get back on track.

*Rescheduling Private Lessons: Because of the complexities of scheduling so many families, it is very difficult and usually not possible to reschedule lessons by switching with another student. If you have already used your excused absence, we are willing to try to arrange an alternative lesson time for an important or rare occasion, but need at least two weeks’ notice. If it is not possible to arrange another time and you choose to miss the lesson, the teacher is not responsible for making up the lesson. No credit will be given. This policy also applies to private and public school vacations different from JOMP’s.

*Sports and Other Conflicts: If a sport or school play temporarily takes priority over private lessons for a period of weeks, we can only hold your slot if you pay for all missed lessons. We can’t ask faculty members to forfeit several weeks’ pay. This policy stands throughout the year.

*Teacher Absences: Teacher cancellations are made up or credited. Include all phone numbers on your registration form so we can try to reach you if a teacher is sick.

*Makeup/Credit Policy: Excused absences and teacher absences will be made up over the course of the year, if possible, or credited in June. If a student cancels or misses a make-up lesson that has been scheduled by the office and confirmed by the teacher and student, the lesson will not be rescheduled or credited. The teacher is paid.

*Promptness: Students who arrive late for their lesson lose that time. Teachers need to stay on schedule in fairness to their other students.

CLASSES AND ENSEMBLES: Classes and ensembles are designed to meet for 33 weeks, unless otherwise indicated. Late enrollment and prorating of tuition will be at the discretion of the instructor and the director, depending upon the group. All groups are run with a commitment to creating a supportive community. Hurtful or disrespectful behavior towards any individual is not acceptable. We reserve the right to terminate students unable or unwilling to abide by this policy.

*Tuition and Payment Options: Tuitions for classes and ensembles are listed with class descriptions. Option 1 is payment for the academic year. Option 2 (listed in parentheses) divides the year’s payment in half, with the second payment being due the week of January 2, 2019. If fewer than 4 students enroll, tuition will be adjusted to cover the cost of the class. If only two students enroll and the director and teacher feel they are a good match, the students will have the option of sharing the cost of a private lesson, with the parents’ agreement. We reserve the right to cancel under-enrolled classes.

*Smaller Payments: Payments smaller than the 2 payment option for classes and ensembles must be arranged with the Director.

*Withdrawal Policy: No refunds will be given once a class or ensemble has started unless the Director recommends that a student not continue.

*Student Absences: Because each student is an integral part of their class or ensemble, please call the office to report all absences, so we can let your (your child’s) teacher know not to expect you (your child).

*Teacher Absences Make-up/Credit Policy: Students will receive credit for teacher cancellations that can not be made up. Individual student absences from classes and ensembles are not made up or credited. Please include relevant phone numbers on your registration form so we can try to reach you if a teacher is sick.
*Promptness dropping off and picking up your child will be greatly appreciated. It is difficult to set a relaxed and focused tone to a class if arrivals are staggered.

We often do not close when the public schools close because most of our lessons and classes take place in the afternoon and evening. Our website ( is our primary means of communicating weather cancellations. If possible, we will also leave an outgoing phone message. If we are open and have to close due to worsening conditions, we will call you and leave a message if you don’t answer.

One private lesson per year will be made up or credited for official JOMP weather cancellations. Additional weather closings will not be made up or credited - the teacher is paid.  If JOMP is open, your child’s (your) teacher is here, and you choose not to come because of the weather, the teacher will be paid and the lesson will not be made up or credited. There are no weather closing credits or make-ups for classes or ensembles.

TEACHER/STUDENT/PARENT PARTNERSHIP: It is important to discuss problems or questions with your child’s teacher as soon as they arise. If your child seems to be losing interest or you have other concerns, please let us know. If your child resists attending lessons or classes for any reason, please notify us immediately. We will try to work it out with the support of the teacher and the director(s). Teachers will let you know if they have any concerns. Conferences are gladly arranged if requested.

PHONE MESSAGES: You may leave a voice message for us if the office is closed.

SAFETY AND COURTESY: Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times. It is the school’s policy that staff and faculty are not responsible for students (or siblings) before or after their lessons or classes. Do not allow children to wander off alone, run around in the hallways or play outside the building. This is a safety factor as well as a courtesy to JOMP staff who are working, teachers and students concentrating on their lessons, and to other people in the waiting areas who are studying or reading. Also, please silence all electronic games and devices and do not talk on your cell phone in the lobby.

TAKING CARE OF THE WAITING AREAS: The lobby and hallways are not appropriate or safe for active play. We have a good selection of books, puzzles, games, markers, etc. for your children to enjoy quietly. We would appreciate it if you would help them take good care of anything they use and have them return things neatly to the shelf before you leave. The library is a quiet space for reading and doing homework.

PARKING: In addition to the front lot, parking is available on the Lincoln Street side of the building and in the back. Please park on the side or back rather than blocking the front walk or parking or standing behind cars already parked in the front. This blocks emergency vehicles from gaining access and creates a dangerous situation for people going to and from their cars. Please honor the two reserved handicapped spaces.

DROP OFF & PICK-UP: Please escort younger children into the building and make sure they connect with their teacher. As a matter of safety, it is the responsibility of all parents to come into the building to pick up your children. It is not safe for students to wait in the parking area or to run out into the parking lot to meet you!