Adult Student Registration Form

All lessons, classes and ensembles will be taught ONLINE through June 11, 2021.

Student Information
Thank you for providing your birth date. We need accurate data for State and Foundation grant-writing and reporting purposes.
We celebrate our rich diversity and appreciate your help compiling accurate data for State and Foundation grant-writing and reporting purposes.
Emergency Contact
Private Lessons
Instrument 1
Instrument 2
Please provide the largest range of time possible. Example: Monday 5:00 to 9:00; Tuesday 2:00 to 7:00 (See Faculty for their teaching days)
Classes & Ensembles

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of $35 will be charged per student for the academic year; $25 for a second family member and $10 for a third.  No fee is charged for additional family members. Please include registration fee(s) in your first payment.

Financial Aid

Full and partial assistance is available based on need.  Please fill out and submit the Financial Aid Application.  Call Rich Ardizzone at 508-856-9541 for more information.

Private Lessons

Students taking private lessons enroll for the entire academic year of 38 weeks (September 8, 2020 through  June 11, 2021).  New students may enroll at any time during the year on a space-available basis.  Tuition will be prorated.  

Withdrawal Policy

Four weeks’ written notice to the office is required if a student withdraws from private lessons for any reason.  Starting one week after the date of notice, the next four lessons must be paid for whether taken or not.  

Private Lesson Tuition Payment Options

Please let us know when we confirm your enrollment which payment option you prefer.  If possible, we prefer full payment in advance (Option 1).  To make it easier for as many families as possible to pay the full tuition, we offer three additional payment options.  We reserve the right to discontinue lessons if payments are not made in a timely manner.  Please let us know if your circumstances change and you are having difficulty keeping up with your payments.     

  1 hour
$69 per lesson
¾ hour
$53 per lesson
*½ hour
$38 a lesson
38 weeks: 9/8/20 - 6/11/21
Option 1 – Full Payment $2,622 $2,014 $1,444 First week of September
Option 2 – Two Payments $1,311 $1,007 $722 First week of September & January
Option 3 – Four Payments $655.50 $503.50 $361 1st week of Sept, Nov, Jan & March
Option 4 – Ten Payments $262
$264 in June
$205 in June
$148 in June
First week of every month

* ½ hour lessons are recommended for young beginners and special circumstances – please call to discuss
1 ½ hour lessons ($99) are available for advanced students with teacher agreement – please call to discuss.

Student Absences

If a student is going to miss a lesson, please let us know as soon as possible.  Each student is entitled to two excused absences per academic year which are eligible for makeups or credit.  All other absences will be considered unexcused.  No makeup or credit will be given.

Rescheduling Private Lessons

We are willing to try to arrange an alternative lesson time in special circumstances.  If you need to request rescheduling a lesson, please let us know as soon as possible.  If rescheduling the lesson is not possible and both excused absences have been used, the lesson is considered missed.  No makeup or credit will be given

Schedule Conflicts

If professional or other conflicts temporarily take priority over private lessons for a period of weeks, we can only hold your slot if you pay for all missed lessons. 

Teacher Absences

Teacher cancellations are made up or credited.  Include all contact information on your registration form so we can try to reach you if a teacher is sick.

Makeup/Credit Policy

Excused absences and teacher absences will be made up over the course of the year, if  possible, or credited in June. If a student cancels or misses a make-up lesson that has been scheduled and confirmed by the teacher and student, the lesson will not be rescheduled or credited.  The teacher is paid.


Students who arrive late for their lesson lose that time.  Teachers need to stay on schedule in fairness to their other students.  Online students should be set up and ready to play by their lesson time.  

Classes and Ensembles

Policies for online classes and ensembles will be published as the classes are developed and offered – coming soon!

Teacher / Student Partnership

It is important to discuss problems or questions with your teacher as soon as they arise.

Weather Cancellations

(This policy doesn’t apply until we are able to open the building)

We often do not close when the public schools close because most of our lessons and classes take place in the afternoon and evening.  Our website ( is our primary means of communicating weather cancellations.  If possible, we will also send an email notifying you if we are closed.   

One private lesson per year will be made up or credited for official JOMP weather cancellations.  Additional weather closings will not be made up or credited - the teacher is paid.  If JOMP is open, your teacher is here, and you choose not to come because of the weather, the teacher will be paid and the lesson will not be made up or credited.  There are no weather closing credits or make-ups for classes or ensembles.

By submitting this registration form, you agree to photographs/videos being taken of you to be used in promotional or descriptive materials produced by or for the Joy of Music Program.
By typing my name above, I agree to abide by the policies of the Joy of Music Program. PARENT, GUARDIAN or Adult Student signature required (first & last names).