Private Instrumental & Voice Lessons

Most faculty are teaching in-person and are happy to teach online as needed. 

Private lessons at Joy of Music connect students with excellent teachers, who are dedicated to passing along their love for music and their instrument.  The one-on-one teacher/student relationship allows our faculty members to adapt to each student’s individual learning style and goals.     
As students develop technically and  musically, their instrument becomes part of them - a means through which they can express their thoughts and feelings.   Helping students discover and learn to trust their unique musical “voice” is one of the most important elements of our work.  Each child’s interest and readiness should be carefully considered before taking the important step of choosing an instrument and beginning private lessons.  Recorder is a wonderful first instrument for many children and adults.

Tuition rates (eff. 9/1/2022): 3/4 hour - $59; 1 hour - $75; 1/2 hour - $42 for young beginners and special circumstances Tuition Rates and Policies


Adults find that JOMP’s warm and supportive atmosphere makes the school an ideal place to study.  Whether you are learning to play an instrument for the first time, continuing your studies or reconnecting with an instrument you haven’t played in a while, our faculty is enthusiastic about helping you find and keep a place for music in your life.  Adults who are already accomplished musicians will find a highly professional faculty at JOMP, able  to guide  you in your continuing  musical development.