Students Networking in the Community

Release Date: 
Friday, January 13, 2012

Joy of Music student ensembles enjoy many wonderful performance opportunities and learn a lot about other community organizations in the process.  Nathan Kessel, Ryan Clark, Emily Gove and Chris Huck are pictured with their faculty coach Rich Ardizzone taking part in the Girls and Boys Club’s fundraiser “Arts in the Afternoon.”  Two other student groups shared their music at the Big Dipper Ice Cream Festival, Children’s Friend’s annual fundraiser.  Our adult jazz ensemble held their fourth annual concert benefitting Community Healthlink’s SHARE program, which helps adults with mental health challenges find housing.  Students also provided music for A Taste of Shrewsbury Street; stART on the Street Festival; Cultural Coalition’s Annual Meeting; and the Open Road Festival, which donated a portion of its proceeds to JOMP.