Improvisation Workshops

**IMPROVISATION WORKSHOPS (This is NOT jazz improvisation.)
Instructor: Jerry Sabatini
Tuition $165 per workshop

Days & times (1 hr.) will be arranged to accommodate student & teacher schedules

Introduction to Improvisation Workshop ~ 10 weeks Nov. to Jan.

Everyone can improvise! Students will be guided through a series of simple musical exercises and “games” designed to awaken their natural creativity through improvisation. Fundamentals of good musicianship and listening skills will be stressed. No prior improvisational experience is required. Intermediate level instrumentalists and vocalists with at least 3 years of private lessons and approval of the Assoc. Director.

Contemporary Improvisation Workshop ~ 10 weeks March to May

Intermediate and advanced instrumentalists and vocalists who have taken the Introduction to Improvisation Workshop or who have had improvisation experience. Students will study and perform several 20th century works of modern composers that focus on the performers as improvisers. Students will also develop improvisational pieces of their own. Students must be able to satisfy senior high Central District scale requirements. Approval of the Associate Director required.