Music & Movement ~ birth to age 6

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Joy of Music was founded as a program of Music and Movement classes  for preschoolers.  Music and Movement remains at the heart of our developmental approach.  Our current curriculum has grown from them, and many of our teenagers and alumni started their musical journey in these classes.  Children naturally tune in to the sounds and actions around them, spontaneously responding to them with their own voices and body movements.  These classes nurture and develop these responses by providing our youngest students with a joyful introduction to music making.

****************************************************************************** ** Sing and Sway ~ birth to 24 months
with parent, grandparent or caregiver

Instructor: Patti Purrachio Lahey
Tuesday 10:45 - 11:30
Tuition $142/$155 per session
(limited to 10 pairs - adult no charge)

Session I - (11 weeks) Sept. 20 - Dec. 6
(make-up in case of teacher absence Dec 13)

Session II - (12 weeks) Feb. 7 - May 8
(make-up in case of teacher absence May 15)

Introduce your child to the magic and joy of music, movement and song. Move to different kinds of music, play rhythm games, sing and engage in creative play. This class offers a wonderful bonding experience through music and provides an appropriate first exposure to the arts and group process. ******************************************************************************

 MUSIC & MOVEMENT ~ 2 to 4 year-olds
with parent, grandparent or caregiver
(limited to 10 pairs - adult no charge)
Instructor: Patti Puracchio Lahey

Tuesday 9:45 -10:30
Tuition:  $142/$15per session

Section I (11 weeks) and Session II (12 weeks)
same dates as Sing and Sway above

This class will utilize creative movement, rhythm games, improvisation and more, while encouraging self-expression, interactional skills (with peers and adults) and body awareness. Children are exposed to a variety of musical selections, such as classical, R&B, jazz and big band, etc.  


MUSIC & MOVEMENT ~ ages 3 and 4
Instructor: Elisabeth Gondek

3 year olds  Thursday  10:00 - 10:45

4 year olds  Thursday 4:30 - 5:15
Tuition $142/$155 per session  
with parent, grandparent or caregiver
(limited to 10 pairs - adult no charge)

Session I - (11 weeks) Sept. 22 - Dec. 8
(make-up in case of teacher absence Dec 15)
Session II - (12 weeks) Feb. 9 - May 10
(make-up in case of teacher absence May 17)

Through singing, rhythm instruments and movement activities, this class will provide a solid foundation for children's musical growth.  Each child is made to feel valued as part of a group that enjoys making music together. Adults will have just as much fun as the kids and will gain ideas to bring more music into their homes.


 MUSIC & MOVEMENT ~ ages 5 and 6
Instructor: Wendy Ardizzone
Tuition: $140 per 10 week session

Monday  4:30 - 5:15
Session 1: 9/26 - 12/5
   make-up in case of teacher absence 12/12
Session 2: 2/27 - 5/7    make-up 5/14

Wednesday  4:30 - 5:15  
Session 1: 9/28 - 12/7 make-up 12/14
Session 2: 2/29 - 5/9 no make-up; credit given if needed

 Children learn a variety of songs, tapping the beat or the rhythm of the words as they sing. They hear the form of a song when, for example, maracas play the A section, woodblocks play the B section, and everyone plays together on the chorus. Using the songs they have learned, contrasts in rhythm, tempo, dynamics, timbre and phrasing are explored through movement and rhythm instruments. Having begun to internalize these elements of music, learning to play an instrument will come more easily when they are older.

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