Music Theory

Teen to Adult

Learning the basics of Music Theory and History helps to enrich the understanding of how music is created, how we listen, and how we perform it.  In this class we will cover the fundamentals of rhythm, scale construction, intervals, and harmony.  Whether you are new to reading music or have been playing for years, this course will guide you through writing, ear training, and basic music history.  It is highly recommended for anyone planning to study AP Music Theory in high school or take music courses in college.  It is also perfect for anyone who just loves music and wants to learn more.  Students need to purchase “Excellence in Theory” by Ryan Nowlin and Bruce Pearson, Books One (of three) prior to the start of class.

Class size limited to 4 to 6 

  • Music Theory 2022/2023
    Tuition: $545 - 30 weeks

    1 hour class ~  Day and time will be scheduled at the convenience of the participants.