Adventures in Listening

Teens to Adults

This class is being offered ONLINE this summer.

We will explore several great masterpieces of the Symphonic, Ballet, Film and Opera literature.  The five periods of Classical music will be navigated to discover what makes them tick, from Medieval/ Renaissance to the concert and film music of today.   We will learn the differences from early period instrumental practices to their modern counterparts.  We will also compare what makes a composer an Impressionist, such as Debussy and Ravel, and we will compare the musical genre with the contemporary visual artists of the same period, such as Monet and Degas. 

You will learn some interesting history about what it was like for composers who were censored by their governments and how they were able to continue creating relevant music.  We will explore what was going on socially and musically in different countries and periods time.  We will also learn about some of the incredible performers both past and present and see why they are so famous. 

The topic of discussion will vary by the week, with time provided for group discussion.  Come join me in a fantastic musical adventure!