Woodwind Ensembles

In-person Intermediate and Advanced (alumni welcome) Woodwind Ensembles are being offered.

For flute, clarinet and oboe players, these ensembles will explore the wide range of repertoire for woodwinds while learning to blend the different timbres of their instruments. This is a great opportunity for students to progress with other students at their level of playing.  The ensembles will be scheduled at times convenient to the teacher and participants. 

Participants will need to play with masks on at all times (with slits for mouthpieces and special flute masks for flutists) and bell covers on their instruments.  Students will be distanced 6 feet apart.

Times and days to be scheduled at the convenience of the participants.

  • Woodwind Ensemble
    Tuition: Quartets $520 - Trios $600

    Day and time will be scheduled at the convenience of the faculty coach and participating students. 

    Students must wear masks with slits for their mouthpieces and bell covers for their instruments.