Summer Chamber Music Workshop

10 to adult

Chamber music has been one of Joy of Music’s core educational programs since Tim Terranella coached our first two chamber music groups twenty-four years ago.  Because summer scheduling of chamber music on a weekly basis is challenging due to the “vacation factor,” we devote an entire week to chamber music in the summer.  The schedule includes private lessons, practice sessions, chamber music coaching and master classes.  

We are delighted to offer three members of JOMP’s chamber music faculty who are highly accomplished teachers and performing artists:

Nancy Ackerman, clarinet and flute
Regie Pineda, violin and viola
Caroline Reiner-Williams, cello

Student Chamber Music Concert ~ We will schedule the Chamber Music Workshop in July 2020 - date tbd - and end the week with a Friday evening concert at 7:00 pm. 

Placement Auditions
For more details, please call to receive the full JOMP Summer Chamber Music Workshop pamphlet and to schedule an appointment.  Private lesson teacher recommendation is required.

$15 Registration Fee due with registration form
$485 Tuition

  • Summer Chamber Music Workshop
    Tuition: $485 plus $15 registration fee

    Dates TBD