Classical & Jazz Ensembles

We are listing all of our ensembles so you can see our normal in-person operations. So far we are only offering Chamber Music virtually using the Acapella (Apple) App.  We are working on developing other online ensembles - details will follow.

Our classical ensemble program offers a progressive series of groups that provide appropriate challenges for students at all levels of playing.  Ensembles give students the opportunity to expand their musical growth beyond their private lessons and to share music with their peers.  They learn to blend their sound with other instruments, listen to other parts, and express dynamics, phrasing and nuances as a group. 

  • Placements in all ensembles will be made based on age, level and readiness as recommended by a student's private teacher in consultation with the school’s directors and ensemble instructors.
  • Regular attendance is required.
  • All ensemble students must be taking private lessons.
  • Students not taking private lessons at JOMP are welcome in our ensembles and Youth Orchestra - please call 508-856-9541 to arrange for a placement meeting.