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~  A Note from our  Executive Director ~ Academic Year 2018/19

Joy of Music’s original purpose of giving children a joyful and solid foundation for life-long musical growth is still at the heart of the vital and thriving non-profit community music school that now serves people of all ages.   A testament to the outstanding work of our faculty over the past 32 years is the large number of students who start at JOMP as young children and continue to study here through high school (see photos below).  Adults also find that the school is an ideal place to study, whether they are learning to play an instrument for the first time or are already accomplished musicians who have the desire to keep music as a balancing force in their lives.  We hope you and your family will join us at this very exciting time in our history.  You will experience a musical kinship among our teachers and our students, who are studying music for the love of it and for the joy it brings to their lives.

    Wendy Webster Ardizzone

Music and JOMP are still an important part of these kids’ lives.  The top ensemble photo was taken eight years ago. The bottom photo was taken in November of 2017.  The five string players are now members of the JOMP Youth Orchestra.  The two girls sitting are now pianists.  Faculty member Ralph Metcalf is still giving young string players a masterful start to their ensemble experience. 

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