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A Note from our Director

The conviction that music is essential in our daily lives is at the core of Joy of Music’s purpose.  Not a day goes by at JOMP that we don’t witness the power of music to brighten our lives as a source of focus, inspiration, beauty and healing.  Music gives us a powerful way of connecting with our feelings and with one another.  It is one of the first things we turn to in times of sorrow and it makes our most joyous celebrations complete.  We are heartened by the growing number of parents who share this belief and want to give their children the gift of music. 

Joy of Music was founded to help young children develop a life-long relationship with music, by giving them a joyful and solid musical foundation on which to build in a warm and non- competitive learning environment.  This philosophy is still at the heart of the thriving non-profit community music school that now serves children and adults at all   levels of learning.  Our marvelous faculty is dedicated to helping you build the skills that will enable you to express yourself through music and accomplish your musical goals, whatever they may be.  A testament to their outstanding work is the large number of students who start at JOMP as young children and continue to study here through high school.  Adults also find that the school is an ideal place to study.

The musical kinship and spirit of community at JOMP are affirming and energizing.  The school has been described as a magnet, whose dynamic energy draws families, faculty, volunteers and donors from the city of Worcester and over 50 surrounding cities and towns, creating a musical community that reflects the rich diversity of the Worcester area.  We are grateful for the enthusiastic support we receive from so many foundations and corporations and from hundreds of individuals.  Their generosity makes it possible for the school to maintain its strong commitment to accessibility through our extensive Financial Aid Program.  Being able to include our financial aid students enriches the entire JOMP community and strengthens all our educational programs.

There is a heightened sense of gratitude at JOMP for the generous funding that is also making it possible for us to accomplish several important strategic goals.  The collapsed storm water drainage system that surrounds our building has been replaced.  Beautiful new parking lots and landscaping cover the new system.  The school’s mortgage has been paid off, and you will arrive this fall to find construction expanding our Recital Hall in full swing.  We are looking forward with great anticipation to celebrating its completion in January with our 25th Jompathon.     

How fortunate we are to be located in Worcester, which is home to so many dynamic and inspiring cultural organizations!  Our students and faculty contribute immeasurably to the cultural vitality of Worcester by sharing their music in recitals at the school, in the public schools, and at a wide variety of community events throughout the year.  Joy of Music’s Spring Gala, our annual “thank you” event at Mechanics Hall, provides an opportunity for our donors and the community to see (and hear!) the impact of their phenomenal support.

Thank you for your commitment to music and your interest in the school.  We hope you and your family will join us at JOMP in pursuing your own musical journeys. You will be becoming part of the JOMP community at a very exciting time in our history!

Wendy Webster Ardizzone, Director

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